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Monday, October 1, 2007

Teaching Multilingual Children

Main Points:
-multilingual children
-difference between home language and school
-code-switching patterns
-cultural background

Authors Argument:
Virginia Collier argues that teachers need to understand the student's language patterns in the home and consider it in the classroom. She explains how teachers try and teach english as a second language that tries to cancel out their first language. Students need to still be able to be themselves and understand their culture. Teachers need to have a variety of way to communicate in the classroom. Teachers need to provide seperate lessons in order to fit each student's needs and abilities. The way they teach needs to compliment the four language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

My Thoughts:
It's difficult for me so relate to these articles because I have never been in this situation nor have I ever known anyone that has been in this situation. I grew up in an all white school and didn't have the privilege of being exposed to the difference in cultures. I wish I had, because now it's hard for me to understand what these children are going through and if I ever have a classroom with children who speak a different language I will struggle with it. However, I got a good idea of the message the author was trying to get across.


IsRaSeLf..!!* said...

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LESLEY said...

I am interest in whay you thought about some of the specifics here. Did any of the points Collier raised help you think about your SL in new ways? DO you see different languages spoken in your school? How do the teachers deal with that as far as you can see?

LB :)